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Can the host family be my sponsor for my visa?

I need a general student type 4 visa and one of the requirements is to have a bank account where the money inside reflects all the money needed for the English course plus €11,000 if it is a course in London or €9,000 if it is in another city.  In the requirements it says that the bank account can be mine, from my parents, an institution that has made me a loan or if it was a partial or full scholarship or just a bank account where the money is. I was wondering If that could be from the host family. 

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Hi Anabel,

I have to admit that I'm not an expert for au pairing in the UK, but the way you describe it, I'm sure the bank account could also be from the host family (if they somehow testify the money is reserved for you) - I just wonder what kind of contract the family would make with you to make sure you don't take the money and leave...

There's actually quite a similar rule for students in Germany, but they also accept other proofs of your ability to pay for your living, e.g. a signed work contract (an au pair contract wouldn't work in Germany, as studying and au pairing need different types of visa and can't be combined).
Therefore I wonder if with a signed au pair contract you still need this bank account?

Best regards,

Maria from the cAP team

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